Linkedin was set up Reid Hoffman in 2002 but it has five official founders: Allen Blue, Jena Luc-Vaillant, Eric Ly, Konstantin Guericke adn Reid and had over one million users in its first year of operation. As of 2013 has over 200 million members signed up to the site. (LinkedIn, 2013)

Linked is a social media site, aimed at professionals and as a survey from DHR International and Modern Survey in March 2013 showed,  it is the top social media site used by business executives, (Forbes, 2013) but is used widely as an online curriculum vitae medium. (Roos, 2013) As well as these functions, the site is also open to companies and recruitment agencies to seek employers in a cost effective and efficient means as well as for companies to profile themselves (allowing professionals to keep up to date with what is happening in the companies they follow). LinkdIn themselves generate revenue through three main avenues: premium subscriptions, corporate solutions (head-hunting) and advertisements.  (CNTconsulting, 2011)

As mentioned, many people and businesses use LinkedIn to connect with people in their business sector, in order to seek work, headhunt or simply for social communication. For me, as a soon to be graduate  I am most interested in connecting with people that may aid my employment prospects. The following video was very useful and interesting to me for this reason.

This project was a great excuse for me to use LinkedIn as although filled with great intentions, I have never actually sat down to profile myself on the site , and no better time to do it that when I am about to leave college! Setting up my page was very easy and I really liked how the website guided me through the initial set up stages that can often be confusing when using a new website. I really liked the streamline design of the site and it’s professional feel of the website. A very positive aspect of this website is linked to it’s appearance in that it is a space to be professional online. Over the past number of years in college, I have built up quite a good network of people in the music industry – many of whom I am confident will aid my future career, however, never before have I felt it appropriate to add these people to my personal Facebook or twitter accounts on the grounds that I don not wish to monitor everything I do or say on this social sites that I use everyday. I really liked that each profile is very individual and you control exactly what is on it as well as what people can see via the privacy settings. My favorite aspect of the website is that you can update your status on your profile. The reason for this is that often I will work at music events that do not warrant an addition to my experience section but they would be of interest to potential employers.

Overall, I’ve had a really great experience with the site so far and look forward to building on my profile (which can be found here:, with my priority being  adding and developing my network of contacts as well as gaining recommendations  from past employments in order for me to stand out from the crowd.


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