Pinterest is a ‘content sharing service’ which was launched in 2009 and allows users to ‘pin’  images and videos  to their personal pinboard. (Pinterest, 2013) It is one of the fastest growing social networks, with 16% of Americans signed up to the site, just 1% behind Twitter with their aim being to “connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting”. (Social Media Today, 2013) It is currently valued (March 2013) a $2.5 billion. (Silicone Republic, 2013) It attracts more woman than men, which is visually described, along with other interesting facts in the below image. (Social Media Today, 2013)

Pinterest_Infographic(Social Media Today, 2013)

On  Pinterest, there are quite a wide variety of social networking tools such as liking and commenting, ‘re-pinning’ as well as following your friends pin-boards and sharing content to other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter – which is explained further in the below video.

Very recently, Pinterest launched their new ‘pages for businesses’ section of the website, allowing businesses to set up a pin-board for commercial use. Pinterest is a visual site which means that marketers must  work hard to develop the visual elements of products as well as creating infographics that attract the eye.  Non-friends or business sites can attract new followers through the ‘categories’ section of the website (when creating a new pin-board you can select which category the content will fit into). Even users who do not follow you can come across your pins, when browsing categories.  For businesses, using simple and relevant username is key and by adding keywords to the “about” section of your page and Pinterest icon and follow button to a business’s website, they can really boost and develop their viability and level of subscribers. (Social Media Today, 2013)

When I personally began working with Pinterest, I found it quite confusing – however after a few tries it became quite addictive and now I understand, maybe too well, how to find my way around. When I found my feet on the site, I created two boards on my profile, one called ‘New Media Technology’ as this is subject matter of the class this blog has been created under as well as a board called ‘Irish Music Industry’ as this is the area that I am interested in working in when I leave college.

My profile can be found here:

For my Irish Music Industry board, I posted links and re-pinned articles that would be of interest to fans or musicians in the Irish Music Industry to keep them up to date with what was happening throughout the country within the industry. I rarely come across pinned items of interest regarding Irish music within the site itself.  However, I really enjoyed pinning articles from various websites and storing them on one, easily accessed page and re-pinning items about the industry in general. I found that most websites have the option for ‘pinning’ an article which is really handy as it such a simple process. Music is not a specific category; however, using the search option is a good alternative. Nevertheless, this is probably a damaging factor for music marketers and independent musicians, profiting on this website. In saying that, Pinterest does make easy to share pins to Facebook and Twitter pages so artists/businesses don’t have to repost the same content across different platforms.

Overall, I loved using Pinterest personally as it is very aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. However, I don’t think the music industry has quite jumped on the bandwagon just yet – while the general population has made up for that somewhat by creating great music pin-boards. Maybe that is the way of the future, we show each other what we should be listening to – not letting the record companies decide.


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